EPK Robert Prester & Adriana Samargia

Vocal + Piano Jazz Duo: Originals, Standards, Hard Bop, Fusion, Latin & Pop Covers-Turned Jazz

Robert Prester & Adriana Samargia are accomplished solo musicians who combine their talents to form an exceptional duo. Their performances encompass an array of styles, blending standards, Great American Songbook classics, Latin jazz, reharmonized pop covers and jazz originals that incorporate a fusion of modern classical, world music and soul. Adriana's one-of-a-kind voice and multi-stylized phrasing blends seamlessly with Robert's tasty harmonic accompaniments and solo virtuosity. The resulting alchemy of this combination is a soundscape of orchestration rarely heard in duo format. Together, they inject new vitality into the jazz scene, crafting a distinct and invigorating sound.

Home base: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Newest Release: Quenara - January 2024 Commonwealth Ave. Productions (Physical album/CD of Quenara IS available)
Artists: Pianist Robert Prester, Singer Adriana Samargia
Mixing Mastering Bill Hare Productions 

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